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samedi 25 avril 2009

Reclaim your Education
Global Week of Action 2009 (20/04 – 29/04)
Following the success of the "International Day of Action against the Commercialisation of Education" on Nov.5th 2008, the International Students Movement is calling for a Global Week of Action in April 2009 (20/04 – 29/04).
We are an open network of various progressive (student) groups from close to 30 countries on 5 continents. What unites us is the struggle against the increasing commercialisation of education and for emancipatory public education accessible to all members of society.
More and more groups realize that forces responsible for this development – the privatisation and commodification of education (like many other aspects of life) – function globally and therefore the only way to efficiently confront them, is to unite in our struggle.
Students, teachers, workers and parents around the world ask more and more frequently: “Is the public education system actually serving the interests of the public, or is the focus shifting to implement education systems that primarily serve private and business interests?” Once introduced, the tuition fees sky-rocket, universities and schools are turned into businesses, student debt keeps increasing and education budgets (unlike the budgets for the military and “security measures”) cut in most places. Institutions of higher education become highly dependant on their ability to attract sponsorships (usually from economic actors). Consequently only those institutions and departments that are deemed valuable by sponsors are able to survive.
Public education systems, from kindergarten to university, should make an individuals emancipation their priority, be tuition-free and accessible to all. Democracy exists only if the society consists of emancipated and self-determined individuals, who are able to reflect critically on their (social) environment, developments and power structures. Any system, that doesn’t fulfil these criteria is not a democracy.
The fact that various groups in more than 20 countries on 5 continents joined the international day of action in November 2008 confirms the global scope of our struggle.During the week of April 20-29, active citizens around the world unite to reclaim education from the grip of commercialisation and so-called "neo-liberal policies".
It is up to each group to decide in what way and for how many days they wish to express their protest within this week. Your action can be big or small. What is important is that we coordinate this together and establish a constant flow of information among the groups involved.Therefore, please let us know how you plan to join for the week of action.
So far close to 60 groups in 30 countries (such as France, the U.S. of A., the Philippines, Bangladesh, Germany, the UK, Canada, Togo and Colombia) on 5 continents are supporting the call for the Global Week of Action.
Let's get organized and unite in our struggle!

PS: The “Global Flashmob” will be one action where we will symbolically unite in our struggle!

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